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karma and the unexpected

But life inevitably throws us curve balls, unexpected circumstances that remind us to expect the unexpected. I’ve come to understand these curve balls are the beautiful unfolding of both karma and current. ~ Carre Otis

After two years of of hurry up and waiting… and then waiting some more… the past two weeks have been amazing.  This thing is really happening… like… for real!  Here he is again…


Following my last entry, I waited about a week and then worked up the nerve to call Karen, Michael’s foster mom.  We were all so anxious to know what had happened after his meeting with Ginny… after she planted those seeds.  So, while Gramma and I were waiting at Rachel’s field hockey practice (Gramma and Grandad were visiting), I decided to call.  The conversation went kinda like this…

Karen:  Hello?
Me:  Hi Karen, this is Leslie Osman.  I just wanted to give you a call because I was wondering how Michael made out this week after his meeting with Ginny.  Has he said anything?
Karen:  Well… actually… he’s been talking about it everyday.  And… basically… he says he’s ready to go! (hence the excitement above)
Me:  [big smile, nervous laugh, not sure how this would feel to  them]
Karen:  He told me… well, you know I’ll miss you and everything, but…
Me:  [more nervous laughing]
Karen:  But, you have to understand that we’ve been very honest with the kids that have come to stay with us that we are not adoptive parents.  We are here as long as they need us… but we are not in it for adoption.

and there you have it – he’s ready, we think we’re ready, and this thing is really happening.

[and just to insert a little honesty check… I am indeed excited… but I am also really scared.  BUT – each time I get scared I check myself back in and ask why we are doing this… and the answer is… because we can. And, if we can… shouldn’t we? Isn’t that good karma or somethin’ or other?]

And before I hung up the phone that night, I got to talk to Michael.  It was a short conversation with a promise that I would call again when Bob and Rachel were with me.

Since that phone conversation, Michael had another session with Ginny and we had another phone call with Michael.  Ginny called to give me a recap of their session and told me that not only is he very excited, his teachers have reported improvements in class.  Amazing how far reaching hope can be.

Michael also wrote us this letter responding to some of the questions that we had asked.

Letter from michael

 All I can say is… thank goodness he likes pizza!!

So, perhaps you are asking… “Leslie, what curve balls could you possible be speaking of?”

Because, of course, I carefully pick my quotes… and I do love quotes.

Well, this boy… comes with a dog.

meet Toby…


and this is a curve ball that we will not turn down… because how can you???

Clearly, our adventures continue.

stay tuned


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  1. Sally Hooper-Poznanski

    Oh, my gosh! I am so excited to hear this news! And Michael comes with a dog. What could be better!

  2. This makes me smile!! Dahlia and Toby will be such good dog pals, no doubt!!

  3. So, so excited for you and everyone you love and who loves you! Because we get to be a part of this through you. This is certainly going to be quite a year for the Osmans!

  4. This is such great news! I’m so happy for all of you. And the dog. Plus, Bob gets to go hunting.

  5. So happy for you! Toby looks like a great dog.

  6. well all I can say is about time something good is happening and a boy with a dog….how wonderful is that! Pizza? Green? good food and good color…. plus Toby is a great name for a dog!


    Fantastic news!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. So happy for you! Great news!

  9. The Youngquists

    Such amazing news. We have been waiting for the day that the luckiest child in the world gets to be a part of your family…and now the luckiest dog in world gets his wish too. Our hearts are with you all!


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