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Pray without ceasing… if necessary, use words. ~ St. Francis

Today’s paraphrased quote was “borrowed” secondhand from our minister at Idylwood Presbyterian Church, MaryAnn McKibben Dana.  I am hopeful that she doesn’t mind that I used it here… I was really at a loss and this seemed perfect.

As I have told many of you who have asked… Bob and I do not live every single moment wondering what is happening in Ukraine.  We could not possibly do that and continue to live life… live life ourselves or with Rachel.  We see the same news as you do and beyond that… we don’t often get information.  So, we continue to try to keep things as balanced as possible while still maintaining hope that we will be able to see things through to a successful adoption.

However, Tuesday morning I received the email below from our adoption agency.  And you know, when Eric was diagnosed, I remember sitting with Bob and saying… we just need to go through this… and someday we will come out the other side and although we don’t know where that other side will be… it will be what it is and we will have to deal with it.  It sounds easy… it is not.  I will say, however, that I am having trouble believing that we (the collective we, as in the world) will see the “other side” to this violence any time soon.  And that fills my heart with great sadness.  Because today my focus has switched from adoption to just praying for the safety of people that we now know personally and people that we’ve never met.

HI All,
I wanted to write to you and ask that you keep Angelina, her husband Nick, and their family in your thoughts and prayers tonight. Their town of Gorlivka, (Horlivka),  is at the center of the fighting between the Russian insurgents and the Ukrainian  soldiers. There have been consistent bombings around her home over the last 2 days, and many local citizens have lost their lives. She has sent her son to Kiev, but by the time she and her husband tried to leave, the railways had been bombed, and there was no way to leave. They have been living in their basement, afraid to go outside. Angelina tells me tonight is the final battle.
The Donetsk airport has been bombed, the Donetsk Baby House that some of you know has also been bombed. Donetsk City orphanage #1 has been damaged, and the kids have been evacuated to another town. The kids from Nikoleyevka have been in another area, removed from the fighting in their area.
On the Internet this morning, I found photos of a young mother who had been killed yesterday in a local park in Horlivka, holding her deceased child. This tragedy is very real for people we know, including some of the kids we have met through the host programs.
Please think of them.
Thank you.
More to come as I know it.


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  1. I just realized that I sort of mis-remembered the quote: it is “preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words.” But in these dark days, where there feels like so little we can do, maybe praying *is* the work of the gospel…

  2. I’m praying for Angelina et al. Hugs!

  3. Oh my. I’m praying for all people whose countries are involved in conflicts, especially the children.

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