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Coincidence? I think not…

We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Synchronicity works as a catalyst toward the working out of that destiny.  David Richo

Well, when I started writing this… I really didn’t have a whole lot of new news but was thinking that is was a good time to post an update since the government offices had recently re-opened in Ukraine following the Russian Orthodox Christmas and the New Year holidays.  A whole month of celebrating??  No.  For those of you who don’t know, and I am just learning this as well, the Russian Orthodox Church follows the Gregorian calendar which has a 13 day difference from the Julian calendar.  So Christmas in Ukraine was celebrated on January 7th and New Year’s Day fell on January 14th… although to them it really is December 25th and January 1st.  And while these dates will remain the same until 2100, they will once again change if the Julian calendar is still being used because there are shifts between the two calendars.  A little confusing?  Yes!  I am interested in learning more about this… but sadly do not know more as of this writing.

So… as I said… when I started writing this – little news… however since that time we have gotten some good news.  Our dossier has been accepted in Ukraine.  Now that might not seem like such a grand feat but in reality… it is.  There are a lot of documents that comprise the dossier (as I’ve mentioned before… it brings back memories of house buying) and they must all completely jibe with one another.  There cannot be any inconsistencies, no corrections, no illegible writing.  And, it is either all or nothing… approved or rejected… yikes!  But, ours was accepted.  And so, we are now officially waiting for an invitation to travel… which is essentially a date assigned for an interview.  And then… the ball really starts rolling!

And we have as many assurances as possible that Sam has been safely tucked away.  They are very motivated to move his case along because he really should have been moved to an older orphanage… because of his age.  So… he waits and we wait!

ducksSo, the picture today is from our house at the lake.  When we bought this house in 2008, we were enjoying a “perfect” life with our three “perfect” children… of course defining “perfect” as perhaps “normally flawed.”  Little did we know… Anyway, when we bought the house we didn’t have furniture or funds to completely outfit a second property so we told the seller that he could leave whatever he wanted at the house… and he did… he left lots of “treasures.”  But amongst perhaps some less desirable items there were very useful things like a couch, chairs, etc.  And there were some knick knacks that we decided to keep because they just seemed to be part of the soul of the house.  This set of brass ducks was one of those items.  And anytime I look at these ducks I can so clearly remember cleaning these ducks up and setting them out and Bob commenting on how perfect it was for our family – Daddy Duck, Momma Duck and their little baby ducks all at the lake… except, there were 4 baby ducks.  And, let’s just say that there weren’t any plans for a 4th duckling!  Anyway, we decided that the 4th duck could be for the dog… and that was good enough.

This past weekend I was at the lake with two of my best friends from highschool – Missy and Deanna.  We were pulling up carpet so doing a lot of furniture moving… and I picked up the ducks to move them.  Once again my mind zoomed through that sequence of events… but this time that last little duckling took on a whole new meaning.

So… I ask you… coincidence?

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  1. Great news about the dossier being accepted. Onward!

  2. Hey Leslie, Will you please send me the link that you all sent out a while back for your fundraiser? I have asked Bobby (my Bobby) several times to ask your Bobby for the info and of course I now find myself reaching out to you b/c surprisingly the info has not made it to me 🙂 I am so excited for your steps closer to Sam and continue to follow your blog and send many prayers up for this to all come together and of course, we continue to say prayers for The entire Osman clam-all 5 of you + 1 in the works 😉 XO Shannon

  3. It seems it was ment to be. Perhaps you are all on the path you were supposed to be on even though it is hard to understand!


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