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Patience is the art of hoping.  Luc de Clapiers

Well, I didn’t think I would be posting again this soon… but shortly after my inaugural post I received an email advising us that the Visa Appointment with the US Embassy in Kiev had been scheduled for Thursday, July 25th – which, of course, is the day the children were scheduled to fly to the U.S.  And, despite local connections and US Senators and Representatives advocating on our behalf… the Embassy has refused to change this date.  So, the arrival date for the children has been delayed by 6 days and their stay in the U.S. has been shorted by the same amount.  This effects all children traveling with our hosting group and potentially 30 other hosting programs in the U.S.  So, we are now counting down to July 31st.

[collective groan of disappointment]

Now, to answer the initial questions… how did this happen?  why didn’t they file the paperwork sooner?  who messed up?  The answer is, “I don’t know” to all of the above.  Honestly, I didn’t ask.  And, I didn’t ask because I know three things… 1)the hosting program is not a big money making venture… their goal is to find families who are willing and able to host these kids and become advocates for their adoption – so we are all on the same team… 2)pinning this on someone is not going to change the facts… and 3)this is our first lesson and reminder in the international adoption process to remain flexible and expect bumps in the road.  And, for those if you who have spent the last 4 years reading our Caring Bridge journal… we are well versed in rolling with the punches.  So, as I do like to say… “it is what it is.”

So instead of focusing on the 6 less days that we have with the kids helping them to adjust to everything… we are focusing on having 6 more days to get ready and 6 more days to practice our Russian.  In any event, I’m sure that it will be a whirlwind of a month once they do arrive and hopefully years from now this will just seem like a small blip on our radar.


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  1. You and your family are such a wonderful example and reminder of the value of positive thinking! Here’s to a very special visit and lots of love, Ginny and Steve Davis

  2. Sally Poznanski

    I am so excited to follow your summer adventure with the kiddo’s. What a blessing you & your family are to all of us who enjoy your writings!

  3. Marilyn Lyren

    They are beautiful. Look at those
    Eyes. Sorry for the delay but they
    are going to love all of you. Prayers
    for all situations.


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