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Well – I’m a novice at blogging but it does appear that I have something up and running… especially if you are reading this!  You will likely see this page change as I figure out exactly what I am doing.

kidsSo, we are one week and counting until Mariya and Aleksei arrive from Ukraine. I still exhale loudly when I say or, in this case, type the countdown standings. Most people ask “are you excited?” or “are you nervous?” or “are you freaking out?” and, as a friend pointed out to me, the answer is “yes… all of the above!” It is very hard to wrap my head around my feelings. It is something to know that in a week we will step into parental shoes with two little people who have a history and memories (all of which we have no privy to)… and we will be the only show in town. No one to call if they are homesick. No one to call if they get hurt. No one to ask if they like carrots. Just us. And that… that is something!

However, we are mentally ready – at least as ready as we’ll ever be. We’re still finalizing some details… rooms, clothing, etc. We’ve lined up a number of resources to help us out with the language barrier and I’ve been working on my Russian – trying to get some useful phrases under my belt… “are you hungry?” “are you thirsty?” and since we are going from one child back to three children, I figured “are you ready?” and “let’s go!” might be good.

And, since we have a lot of things planned, we have also discussed safety options… one of which being the desire not to lose any children.  And with the language barrier, getting separated could be a big deal.  So, thanks to some input from friends at work and my stained glass posse… I’ve come up with a brilliant safety feature – necklaces engraved with our contact information.  And what makes this even more brilliant than it might seem at first is that I can get these quickly and inexpensively.  Where, you ask?  The pet store!!  I’m going to get 3 tags… put them on a colorful cord… and give one to each child.  And for option #2 in the “don’t lose any children” effort… we are getting some temporary tattoos that we can put our info on.  So, I think we are covered.

So now we just count down the days.  Our weekend is full with a church retreat at our lake house… so before we know it, we’ll be down to 3 days.  And then… well, we’ll be wherever we are.


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  1. Charlene Osman

    We are so happy for you, Bob,and Rachel! We look forward to meeting them and being their Aunt and Uncle. Love, Mic and Charlene

  2. I love the look and feel of the site. I’m bookmarking it for sure.

  3. Susan Farrell

    Those are two lucky little kids to be welcomed into your loving family.

  4. Leslie
    Thank you for keeping us updated on you and your family’s lives. We think of you often and pray for you all. Best of luck with Mariya and Alexei. We will be looking forward to future entries!
    Kate Groel

  5. Exciting times for all of us as we get to tag along on your journey. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and wishes for many crazy, mixed up, language impaired, much loved memories!!

  6. Guess that Russian course you took at Dickinson will pay off after all. So happy for you Leslie!

  7. How very frustrating and exciting. I am so happy for you all and can’t wait to meet them soon. I know Rachel will be a great big sister.



  8. Robin Lanning

    The best to you all – know you’ll continue to be great parents!

  9. Will you be meeting them at Dulles right off the plane? I remember my first international flight on Pan Am from New York to Monrovia. I was totally discombobulated from jet lag and culture shock! Who knows how Mariya and Alexei will react? Hugs will help.

    • We will be meeting them as close to the gate as we are able. And yes, I do believe that we can count on the fact that they will be catching up for a couple of days at least.

  10. Deanna Speranza-Murphy

    I’m here, I’m here!!! LOL Can’t wait to meet the kids!!


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